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What 'sour grapes?' Why would I have any reason to be jealous?

As a portion of my income, I have probably donated at least as much as Kierlin, but without any need for news articles lauding my generosity. Or legislation funding my hobby as a tax write off.

As far as caring about what motivated Kierlin to donate to Cotter: sharing his story about why he felt moved to donate to Cotter might inspire others to do likewise.

Unless his motivation is to exert control over the institution, get some hefty tax write offs, salve his conscious, put his name in the public eye, and so on.

I have no idea what motivated Kierlin. I don't really care as much about that as I do that WDN is less and less a community newspaper and more and more an offshoot of LaCrosse's news and a platform for various vanity pieces about local bigwigs. Or 'bigwigs.'

Which is sad. There is a lot of good going on in the community. Also some bad. But I cannot look to WDN for any genuine reporting.


As a parent of five Cotter graduates and one still to go, I am incredibly grateful for the tremendous support and encouragment that these five men, their families and so many other servant leaders have given to Cotter. I think Mr. Kierlin said it best yesterday and I am paraphrasing, when he told the Cotter students that the best thank you they can receive is to have our students live productive lives guided by moral principles. Sincerely, Pat Bowlin

Eryn Potthast

I was one of the early lucky recipients of the HEF scholarship (class of 94) and I'll never forget it! These guys could have done anything with their money but they put a good deal towards education and helped a lot of other people too! Throughout my life I have also been privileged to know, through my work, that they helped many other people as well! Well done!


Sour grapes?


Of course it's sour grapes for Janedoe..........Kierlin didn't write the article, and couldn't care less about being promoted. READ the article !!!


A piece about Cotter benefactors that is all about promoting Kierlin and Fastenal. How surprising. And inaccurate as well. But this is the Winona Daily News Out of La Crosse, so also not surprising.


I think the reference to Kierlin and Fastenal in the article was to point out where the money came from that the men were able to donate to Cotter. Kierlin started Fastenal and the others joined him and made their millions together.


And yet, not a word about what motivated Kierlin to donate to Cotter. It's a vanity piece for Kierlin, who does like his vanity pieces.


Who cares what motivated him? How much have you donated to Cotter or anyone else? No matter how much good someone does, there is always someone out there who doesn't agree because they didn't get a piece of the action, or are simply jealous !

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