Lindsey Brianne Sommer, 35, of Winona faces charges of felony second-degree burglary, misdemeanor fourth-degree criminal damage to property and misdemeanor theft after an incident at a Winona home Monday.

She's also facing referral for a gross misdemeanor of introducing a controlled substance into the jail.

Sommer, who had left the residence by the time Winona police officers arrived and who matched the description given by the caller, was found with a small black television and small silver statue. Sommer claimed she had attempted to get her television back and had called law enforcement, but, according to police, there is no record of this call.

When Sommer knew the caller would not be at the residence, according to police, she broke into the apartment through a window. Sommer was angry at the caller for leaving to get methadone without her.

The caller noted that Sommer did not have permission to enter the residence and had sold the television to her.

When being booked into jail, the odor of marijuana was detected on Sommer. A bag of approximately one gram of marijuana was found in Sommer’s bra.

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Cool. Rarely if ever have I seen in these forums the "We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article." actually become expressed in a comment thread. And quite excellent of you Whitney to point out the ineptitude of reporting, which can obfuscate, confuse or simply make up things that are completely untrue, in order to fill in the facts. Thank you for the real story.


Wow. Who wrote this article? MOST of the information is wrong, not to mention should have been proof read and edited because it sounds unorganized and doesn’t make sense. Why not get the story from someone who actually knows what went on?

I am the person, who’s apartment she broke into. Lindsey is unfortunately my neighbor because we rent apartments in the same house. She got caught in the front yard, between both of our doors... with everything she was stealing still in her hands. I am certainly NOT the “CALLER”, as this article makes it sound. I was on my way home when an officer called to tell me what happened. He said that 2 different neighbors called them, to report someone breaking in through a window... and when they showed up they caught her leaving with my tv. All I cared about, was if my dog was okay and didn’t get scared and run away! The tv she was stealing, I bought from her in May. I didn’t “not take her” anywhere, although she obviously watched me leave. Besides the tv, She took a Sam Villa hair straightener and a Buddha candle holder.

I really appreciate the neighbors that seen her break my window with a hammer, and took the time to call the cops. I am VERY thankful for the cops who showed up when they did, to catch her and get back my stuff, and the officer who called me, checked on my dog, and waited for me to get home just to make sure nothing ELSE was missing and there wasn’t anything damaged inside, besides the broken window. Thank you to my neighbors and thank you cops.

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