A man reported he was stabbed in Winona Tuesday evening, but he is not pressing charges against the perpetrator.

Just before 11:30 p.m., the Winona Police Department received two calls from different people about an altercation earlier in the evening.

According to police, one call was from the stabbing victim and the other was from the supposed perpetrator.

The stabbing victim said he was jumped in the area of Second and Mankato streets and his billfold was taken.

He said he then fled the scene and texted a friend to come and pick him up, who took him to a residence in Cochrane, Wis. It was there he discovered that he had been stabbed and was subsequently taken to Winona Health.

The other call came at 11:20 p.m. from a person reporting an altercation at a residence on the 450 block of West Fifth Street earlier in the evening, which resulted in the stabbing of another person.

According to the caller, two men had come to his home with the intention of smoking marijuana, but before they could, one of the men maced the caller in what he believed to be a robbery attempt.

The caller was then assaulted and strangled before he managed to grab a knife to fend off his attacker.

According to police, they found a mace canister at the residence and the stabbing victim’s shoe.

After questioning by police, the stabbing victim admitted to having been at the Fifth Street residence and initially said he was alone before correcting himself and admitting to there being another person with him, who police believe stole the victim’s billfold.

Both men said they do not want to press charges against each other, and the stabbing victim said he does not want to press charges against the third person who took his billfold because he “wasn’t wronged” by him.

“Given the fact that it happened several hours earlier, I don’t know how they ended up calling within five minutes of each other,” Deputy Chief of police Tom Williams said.

None of the reporting parties are in custody, and police are still investigating the case.

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