A police dog bit a Goodview man on his buttocks Sunday morning when he refused to come out from hiding, Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said.

Dustin Lee Schewe, 21, was taken to Winona Health for treatment of his injuries after he was bit by Blitz, the sheriff’s department’s dog, at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday, Brand said. Sunday’s incident is the second time this year a man has been bitten by a Winona K-9 dog after ignoring police warnings. The Winona police department’s dog, Neko, bit a Goodview man on his arm. The man was hiding behind a propane tank.

Deputies spoke Sunday to a Lewiston police officer, who said he pulled Schewe over for having a headlight out earlier that night, Brand said. Schewe was driving around town, and the officer became suspicious because of recent burglaries in the county. He told the officer he was shopping and was released, Brand said.

A deputy later saw Schewe stopped at a traffic light on U.S. Hwy. 61 near Culver’s, 1441 Service Drive.

The deputy thought Schewe was hiding something under his seat, so he pulled him over for the suspicious activity and for having a headlight out, Brand said.

The deputy approached Schewe and told him to get out of his car, but Schewe took off, running toward Country Kitchen, 1611 Service Drive, Brand said.

The deputy chased Schewe but lost him, so Blitz was called in to track him.

Blitz led deputies to a fenced-in area near Country Kitchen, and deputies yelled out several times that the dog would be released on Schewe if he didn’t come out, Brand said. Schewe didn’t appear, so deputies let Blitz go. When they found Blitz, he had apprehended Schewe by biting him on the buttocks.

Schewe was cited for having a headlight out, no Minnesota driver’s license and no proof of insurance, and deputies are investigating possible drunken driving charges, Brand said.

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