Tasha Schuh

Inspirational speaker Tasha Schuh and her husband Doug Michaels pose with Winona Middle School students Ava Dahlke, Gussie Gruhlke and Aleah Serleth.

On Wednesday, inspirational speaker Tasha Schuh shared her personal tragedy story that moved Winona Middle School students to find their purpose, control their attitude and embrace transformative hope.

During Tasha’s junior year of high school she experienced a tragic theater accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. She spent eight days in coma and her family was told that she had a small percent chance to survive. But Tasha beat the odds and found herself searching for the power of purpose.

Tasha encouraged students to live life to the fullest. She told students that to live a purposeful life you have to remind yourself that your actions matter. She stressed to students that they should come to school asking themselves who they can help and how they can help with their actions.

Tasha expressed that sometimes things will not go the way students want but only they can determine how they react by adjusting their attitude.

Her final message was to always remember that “Yes I Can” and the belief that when life gives you obstacles, embrace them, find your purpose and finish strong. Schuh told students ”Even if life’s not fair or easy you are not going to quit. You are not alone — your life matters.”


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