Alexa Ellinghuysen

Neil Broadwater of the Kiwanis Sunrisers presents Alexa Ellinghuysen with a certificate honoring her as the Winona 4-H Youth Representative for the month of June.

Alexa Ellinghuysen was recognized as the Kiwanis Sunrisers of Winona 4-H Youth Representative for the month of June. She is the daughter of Scott and Sue Ellinghuysen, and a member of the Silo Happy Hustlers 4-H Club. She recently graduated from Lewiston-Altura High School and plans to attend Bethel University.

While participating in 4-H Alexa exhibited dairy, photography and entomology projects. Her favorite project was dairy because “it was fun to show cattle and have them behave and look good in the ring, I also liked getting to have connections with the animals.”

She has also participated in roadside clean up, parades around the area and worked in the Little Red Barn. Alexa’s favorite 4-H memory is washing and bedding in the morning of each fair day and getting donuts for the club.

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When asked what she has learned throughout her time in 4-H Alexa responded: “I have learned to be kind to all and promote the dairy industry because they do amazing things. Also, working hard and putting in time helps you go far and makes for a successful life.”

She said she also learned to be a role model and show younger 4-H’ers how to do things so they can keep learning.

Winona Sunrisers Kiwanis Club honors one outstanding Winona County 4-H member during its breakfast meeting the fourth Wednesday of each month. The club meets on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 7 a.m. at the Winona Family Restaurant in Winona.

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May Johnson

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May Johnson


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