Warren Dunlap, a former resident of Winona who is living his childhood dream of living out west and hanging out with cowboys, recently released his book "I O YOU RANCH."

The book is a modern-day western adventure, with mystery, outlaws and a realization about western thinking. The boy follows a young magazine writer assigned to investigate phony ranching ads.

Throughout Dunlap's travels, he's met many interesting and colorful characters, such as the man whose father shook hands with Abraham Lincoln before he became prsident. The boys whose father drove horses from Colorado to Old Mexico. He's even worked for two men who played the 'Marlboro Man.'

Dunlap takes stories he hears around the campfire and puts them in his western books.

For more information or to buy the book, go to warrendunlap.wixsite.com/warrendunlap.


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