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Patrick Byron: Respect others, wear a mask

Unless you have been living under rock, in a cave or just not in the mood to conform, the pandemic is still with us. Read more

Jason Ludwigson: Legalizing recreational marijuana

Inequities in criminal justice are at the forefront of today’s national conversation. Read more

Alek LaShomb: When others do better, we do better

With election season approaching, Minnesota’s 1st District Rep. Jim Hagedorn is in a key position to elevate American businesses. Read more

Michael Bowler: Sweep Republicans out of office

In the midst of resurgent COVID-19, racism, corruption, and Russian meddling and violence against our soldiers associated with the worst U.… Read more

Fatima Said: Thanks to Winona Community Foundation

On behalf of Project FINE, I would like to thank the Winona Community Foundation for its generosity in providing assistance for members of … Read more

James Francisco Bonilla: Column on protest missed the point

I was deeply disappointed by your May 30 piece, “War Against Their Own,” by Rachel Mergen. Read more


Editorial: If Trump would just wear a mask, fewer Americans might die of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic poses a severe challenge to elected leaders that far exceeds any headaches posed by budget crises or corruption scandals. With projections now showing 208,000 Americans dead by Election Day of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, every pandemic decision is fraught with dire public health implications. This is why San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer deserves ... Read more


Commentary: Study shows rise in racial bias

My son, who is nearly 17 years old and Black, is afraid to go outside. "Mom, I am a Black guy wearing a mask in Oakland," he told me. "I am going to be killed." Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, my 19-year-old daughter was afraid to ride the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. "Mom," she explained, "they kill Black girls on BART." She was referring to the July 2018 murder of Nia Wilson, an ... Read more


Commentary: Public pensions are at risk of insolvency, but COVID-19 is not to blame

Long before current market volatility, state and local pension debt posed a risk somewhere between a ticking time bomb and a crate of nitroglycerin. An explosion is coming eventually, and any major shock, whether related to COVID-19 or the next recession down the road, could set it off. As USA Today reported recently: "Before (the coronavirus) crisis even began, state pension plans across the ... Read more


Commentary: Colleges have a lot to answer for — beyond racists' names on their buildings

Princeton University's president, Christopher L. Eisgruber, recently announced that Woodrow Wilson's name will be removed from the university's School of Public and International Affairs and from a residential college. No new facts prompted the decision, which was a reversal from Eisgruber's refusal just five years ago to remove Wilson's name from the program and buildings. Wilson's record as ... Read more


Commentary: 'Faithless electors' won't affect any presidential election

To make sense of the Supreme Court's decision in the "faithless electors" case, it helps to remember something pretty basic: When you vote in a presidential election, you're not actually voting for your chosen candidate. When Americans vote in November, they're actually casting votes for a slate of electors selected by the political party of each presidential candidate. The electors of the ... Read more


Commentary: Colleges don't know how to handle coronavirus. But Trump has a cruel plan for foreign students

If there's a cruel way to handle an immigration issue, the nation can rest assured that the Trump administration will find it. The latest chapter in President Trump's book, "How to Close Down a Nation to Foreigners" (and no, that's not a real book), is a pending order that international students enrolled in U.S. colleges must attend in-person classes or leave the country. Never mind that the ... Read more


Commentary: Robocall case exposes a troubling free-speech split on the Supreme Court

On Monday the Supreme Court gladdened the hearts of cellphone users by ruling that a 1991 federal law outlawing most robocalls could largely remain on the books. But it struck down a 2015 amendment that made an exception for calls seeking to collect debts owed to or guaranteed by the federal government. The carveout, the majority concluded, was an unconstitutional "content-based" restriction ... Read more


Commentary: There's a place for Trump's proposed 'National Garden of American Heroes' — on the scrap heap of history

President Donald Trump's proposal for a "National Garden of American Heroes," is a ludicrous, transparently political stunt. It's also his latest, ill-considered salvo against modern art and architecture. Back when the 45th president was a real estate developer, he dressed his skyscrapers in glitzy glass and metal. But ever since he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he's gone retro, as he ... Read more


Local colleges plan to welcome back students for fall semester

Rachel Mergen Winona Daily News

As the coronavirus continues to spread through Winona and the rest of the nation at alarming speeds… Read more