Q: Minnesota recently enacted a hands-free-while-driving law, but many states do not have such a law. How is this enforced when people from out of state are traveling on our Interstate highways?

I have not seen any signs go up stating that Minnesota is hands-free. Would violators just be issued a warning?

A: The law will be enforced for all drivers on Minnesota roadways. Minnesotans and all drivers traveling through the state are responsible for knowing the law.

Sgt. Troy Christianson mug

Sgt. Troy Christianson of the Minnesota State Patrol

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It is important to know that the laws in Minnesota may be different than states you may be traveling through. One example is that while Minnesota doesn’t have a helmet law for motorcyclists, some states do have mandatory helmet laws. Minnesotans traveling through these states would be required to follow the law in the state in which they are riding.

Another example is the right to carry firearms. Although you have a permit to carry in your state, another state may not honor your state’s permit.

Hands-free information is available at Travel Information Centers throughout the state, and signs will soon be installed at the borders to educate and remind everyone of the law. The hands-free law is in place to keep all people on Minnesota roads safe no matter what state you live in.

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Send your traffic-related questions to Sgt. Troy Christianson, Minnesota State Patrol, 2900 48th St. NW, Rochester MN 55901, or email Troy.Christianson@state.mn.us.


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BTW my mother was completely clean no alcohol or drugs were in her blood. If you are reading this SGT. Troy you are not above the law you are suppose to protect the public not terrorize the public. I hope you learned your lesson from that situation. And realize you did make a mistake by putting a innocent 55 year old woman in jail who works and pays her taxes.


THis sgt troy Christianson is a disgrace to law enforcement he arrested my mother after being in a accident and claimed she was on drugs when she saw me get hit by a semi truck. She was not on anything and was panicked because she saw me get hit. The trooper believed she was on drugs when she was not she had to go to jail and get her blood drawn and when she asked what if she was innocent the troopers both sgt troy and the other one told her it would be nothing to worry about. My mom has got ptsd basically from this trooper. She filed a complaint with the state and has not heard anything back. The troopers never saw her drive and arrested her based on the reaction of me getting injured. Shame on this trooper for not even apologizing to my mother!

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