Cancer is one word that brings about a number of emotional reactions in all of us. The thought of someone who has it, has recovered from it, or who has succumbed to the ravages of this disease triggers emotion.

On Aug. 2, the Houston County Relay for Life held its annual fundraiser for cancer research.

This event was more than a fundraiser; it was also the opportunity to appreciate survivors and caregivers.

However, it raised more than $37,000, exceeding goal.

Besides the money raised, the afternoon and evening time was spent in reminiscing while being entertained by our local community bands and other singing groups.

Anyone attending will be most impressed with the luminaries lit at darkness that circles the football field. On each luminary is a name of a survivor or the name of someone who has passed. Most families can say they have been touched by cancer.

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An event such as Relay for Life could not happen without the dedication of many individuals and teams. Groups that raise funds, groups that helped set up and take down various tents and chairs or group who distributed the luminaries. Salute to all of them in Houston County.

However, a singular couple, the chairpersons of the event, deserve a special shout-out for their wonderful leadership and dedication to the cause and the event.

Ryan and Marie Henry are to be congratulated for their months of preparation and planning and for the follow-up.

The Henrys are an exceptional couple who have experienced the ravages of cancer in their own families. It is wonderful to see a young couple step up to the challenge of leadership in an organization for cause. Many thanks to the Henrys and to all who participated in the La Crescent and Houston County communities.

Ruth Berns, La Crescent

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