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Kids and Mentors Outdoors, a nonprofit group that provides free outdoor education activities, is looking to expand into Houston County.

Kids and Mentors Outdoors (KAMO) has been an ongoing non-profit organization that provides Wisconsin communities with free outdoor education activities for children and families.

These events include canoeing, bird-watching, fishing, hiking, hunting mentorship, hunter’s education courses, boating, sledding, snow shoeing, and more. According to its website: “KAMO’s stated mission is to give children access to a variety of experiences that should help them develop an appreciation for nature, a stewardship ethic and a knowledge of outdoor traditions to carry forward.”

Recently, efforts have been made to bring KAMO’s services into Houston County.

Mike Brown, president of KAMO’s Coulee Chapter, has been connecting with Ed Gittens and Mallory Van Lin, residents of Houston County, to coordinate a Kid’s Day to introduce Houston County to KAMO. Van Lin works as a Children’s Mental Health Social Worker and said: “Mentorship programs for our youth in Houston County are limited to non-existent, so the opportunity to bring KAMO into Houston County has been very exciting.”

According to Brown: “KAMO has been hearing from agencies and parents from Houston County consistently, so it seemed like it was time that we had an event there.” The event will be held at the Hokah Center (location of the old school) and will be a free event for all participants.

Archery (with bows provided), build your own tackle box, outdoor gear giveaways, nature art, fish casting games, and lunch will be included in the event. There will be an opportunity for participants to stay informed of future KAMO activities in the area.

The event organizers also hope that the event brings some interest from community members who may have a desire to volunteer or provide outdoor mentoring to youth.

Brown emphasizes, “You do not have to be an outdoor expert to help our group. We have needs such as general chaperoning or equipment set up and take down.

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