Here are conservation officer reports from southeast Minnesota:

Conservation officer Tyler Ramaker (La Crescent) spent the week checking waterfowl hunters and archery hunters. Two hunters were observed taking an overlimit of bufflehead ducks in Pool 8. After killing four extra ducks, the hunters left them behind to waste. An archery hunter was found to be illegally providing attractants near his tree stand. Enforcement action was taken in both cases. Ramaker and officer Mitch Boyum presented a course on ATV laws and regulations to Houston County law enforcement officers as part of their in-service training.

Brittany Hauser (Red Wing) spent time at a training at the BCA in St. Paul. Time was also spent answering many hunting questions and following up on multiple ongoing cases.

Tom Hemker (Winona) reports the high river continues to change fishing and duck hunting to nontraditional areas. A migration of ducks has kept hunters out but success has been low. Bowhunters are starting to spend more time in stands and some success was reported. Hemker followed up on trespass and deer-shining complaints.

Kylan Hill (Zumbrota) attended training at the BCA during the week.

Kevin Prodzinski (Wabasha) reports working another busy fall week and weekend in the southeast. Waterfowl hunting on the big river has been spotty with canvasbacks, mallards, spoonbills, teal, and wood ducks making up the bulk of the ducks checked in the bag. Fishing has also been challenging with the water level continuing to fluctuate. The bowhunters are seeing an increase in deer activity during legal shooting time. Coyote trappers were having some success as well. Several illegal deer hunting-related investigations were initiated this past week along with some waterfowl issues being addressed.

Clint Fitzgerald (Rochester) spent the past week focusing on waterfowl and deer hunters. Many ducks and geese were flying, but most hunters struggled to get a few in the bag. Additionally, Fitzgerald attended a training hosted by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Enforcement action included transporting a loaded firearm, taking small game without a license, unplugged shotgun and various stamp issues.

Annette Kyllo (Rochester) reports spending time checking and pheasant and archery deer hunters. Many people were outdoors enjoying the fall weather. Kyllo also taught the law and ethics portion of an online firearms safety field day.

Joel Heyn (Plainview) worked mainly hunters during the week. Ducks moving through the area provided good hunting at times. Heyn also did follow up on other cases and handled other calls.


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