The Apple Jacks picked up their first victory of the young season last Saturday at Old Hickory Park. Playing the Fillmore Fungis from Fillmore County, the Jacks scored nine aces to win the first game 9-4. Defensive highlights included John “Rook” Wilke retiring three batters on foul tips including two in the ninth inning and also Jim “Red” Johnson’s fine running catch in the seventh inning. Gary “Big Wease” Pericak and “Buzz Saw” each scored two aces. Five other players each scored one.

In the second game, the Jacks again scored nine aces but, the Fungis scored 10. The Apple Jacks rallied in the eight with four scores but fell short by one run. Again, the scoring was very even. “Buzz Saw” scored twice and seven others scored once. Two of the Jacks’ three losses have been by one run.

The day’s captain, “Big Wease,” pitched both ends of the doubleheader.

Reaching base eight times was Mike “Mickey” Jaquette. “Red” was on seven times and “Buzz Saw” six. “Big Wease” and “Squeak” were on five times. Four times on base were Jason “Weasel” Pericak and “Rook.” Playing only one game, Dan “Skunk” Deetz also reached four times. Steve “Whitey” Geronime was on base three times as was one game player “Mad Dog. Erik “Stretch” Deetz reached base twice in the one game he played.

Tallying aces was Becky “Buckwheat” Deetz.

For their next matches, the Apple Jacks will travel to Menomonie on Saturday, June 22 to play the Rum River Rovers and the Menomonie Blue Caps.

If you would like to join the Apple Jacks on the field, kindly call Captain Joel “Hefty” Affeldt at 608-769-1782 or Captain Emeritus Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm at 507-895-6912 for more details. The Apple Jacks Base Ball Club (https://sites.google.com/site/lacrescentapplejacks) is a community outreach program of the La Crescent Area Historical Society and respectfully acknowledges its eminent corporate sponsor, Merchants Bank- La Crescent.

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