A great setting

Some of the Apple Jacks were in tall clover -- and corn -- at the Field of Dreams. Front Row: Mickey, Skunk, George, Whitey and Rusty. Back Row: Prince Peter, Stretch, Ho-hum and Roundabout.

The magic of the Field of Dreams Movie Set never fails to capture the hearts of Vintage Base Ball players. Last Saturday evening was no exception.

Aided by players from five other teams, eight members of the Apple Jacks participated in four vintage games. A total of 32 players and umpire Peter “Prince Peter” Petersillie enjoyed coming out of the corn, searching for “Shoeless Joe Jackson,” watching the sky darkening to big screen colors and the pleasure of playing base ball.

The aces were not tallied in order to concentrate on the fun of the game. There were extra base hits, great fielding plays, amazing base running and one bloody nose. Who could ask for anything more?

Apple Jacks participating were Benjamin “George” Deetz, Dan “Skunk” Deetz, Eric “Stretch” Deetz, Samuel “Roundabout” Deetz, Steve “Whitey” Geronimie, Jeff “Rusty” Janvrin, Mike “Mickey” Jaquett and Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm.

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Players representing the Chicago Salmon, Fillmore Fungi, Highland Prairie Hayseeds, Mankato Baltics and Northfield Silver Stars also participated..

All players were distributed among three teams. Those teams played a round-robin series. For the evening’s finale, one team was split up and assigned to the other two teams and all participating players faced off in gentlemanly fashion.

The Jacks will next be taking the field at Highland Prairie on Sunday, Sept. 8. The season finale will be in La Crescent on Saturday, Sept. 21 during AppleFest. Games will start at noon at Old Hickory Park.

The Apple Jacks are always looking for additional players. If you would like to join the Apple Jacks on the field, call Captain Joel “Hefty” Affeldt at 608-769-1782 or Captain Emeritus Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm at 507-895-6912 for more details.

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