Rising Star: Becky Zoellner

Rising Star: Becky Zoellner

From the 2019 Rising Stars: 24 community leaders in the 7 Rivers Region series
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Age: 32

Residence: La Crosse

Occupation/company: Treasury Management Officer, Merchants Bank

Family: Married

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Proudest professional accomplishment:

My accomplishment is ongoing - it's my ability to voice my opinion in various situations and positions. My voice is an important piece of being an advocate for myself and those around me and continues to support my professional growth.

Community involvement:

I enjoy volunteering for the Freedom Honor Flight and Junior Achievement - our veterans and youth are so important to our community. I'm also a supporter of United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, and Family & Children's Center.

Advice for younger leaders:

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Questions are often mistaken as a weakness; however, I believe the opposite is true. Questions allow us to expand our knowledge and understanding by digging deeper, exploring new avenues and discovering new resources and networks.



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