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The Whole Package

Two things I have found interesting when
visiting with people who have been
considering a bath remodel. Some tell
us about how they had spoken with
someone and even received a proposal
but they really didn’t know for sure what
was included in the price.Then there are those who
do know what’s included but discover there are
missing pieces.

The fact is a dream bathroom can quickly become
more of a nightmare when things that should have
been included are missing.
At The Board Store, we have a full spectrum of
products – showers, tubs, walk-in tubs, plus vanities,
toilets, flooring, accessories and we employ skilled
installers and a licensed plumber.You can see many
of these items on display in our showrooms and when
we visit your home our plan is to make certain you
get the complete package and that your dream
bathroom truly becomes a reality. Having a checklist
for your plan – understanding what will be included is
the first step to a successful project.
Call or visit The Board Store.You won’t be
Improving your home…improving your life!

Miles Wilkins,

Walk in Showers

Walk in Tubs

Bath Tubs

Complete Remodels

What you see…

1) Tub or shower base
2) Walls
What material
What color
What style
3) Shower
Single Head
Personal Shower
4) Grab Bars
5) Shelves
6) Color
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
7) Other Stuff
Vanity and Top

What you DON’T see…
Solid Support
Water Lines
New Valve – pressure balanced

What you should know
Certified Installers
Licensed Plumber
Licensed Contractor

Make certain permits are
acquired when required
and insist that plumbing is
actually completed by
a licensed plumber.

Windows | Doors | Sunrooms | Screenrooms | Siding | Soffit & Fascia | Decks | Kitchens | Bath Remodels | Flooring | Lifts

The Board Store
Locally Owned
Veteran Owned

Home Improvements

524 Copeland Ave. | La Crosse, WI 54603


Licensed in WI: #1612 and Minnesota #BC039847


Monday - Friday 8-6
8-6; Sat. 8-4
Sunday Closed


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