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A Blank Check for YOU!

Forty years in
business and no one
has offered to write
me a blank check
for my services. I
would like to believe
I would provide them
exactly the same
service at the same
price as I would the
fellow who insisted
I “sharpen my pencil” if I wanted the
work. It’s the honorable thing to do.
But. .. I am reminded of another blank
check written by thousands of men and
women. This is the blank check written
by each and every person - veteran who served our country. A veteran is
someone who at one point in their life
wrote a blank check made payable
to “The United States of America” for
an amount “up to and including my
life”. Veterans Day is a day set aside
to honor each of them. We must not
forget. At times it seems people think
of veterans as those men and women
who have traveled to some foreign
land for combat. We must remember
that every person who serves in the
military deserves our thanks and
respect. At times in our company, one
group may seem to receive more honor

than another but I know our mission
is only accomplished with the efforts
of all - installers, salespeople, office
staff, service, warehouse - everyone
matters. The apostle Paul spoke of the
church in 1 Corinthians “If the whole
body were an eye, where would the
hearing be? If the whole were hearing,
where would the sense of smell be?
But now God has placed the members,
each one of them, in the body, just as
He desired. And if they were all one
member, where would the body be?
But now there are many members,
but one body. And the eye cannot say
to the hand ‘I have no need of you’
or again the head to the feet ‘I have
no need of you’. On the contrary, it is
much truer that the members of the
body which seem to be weaker are
necessary”. So it is whether in service
to the King of Kings or the Commander
in Chief, every person who serves is
deserving of the same care. Every
veteran who signed that blank check
-who served - whether in a kitchen or
in combat pushing a pencil or piloting
a gunship- every one deserves honor
and thanksgiving. We must not forget.
Every day in the news we are
reminded of the many difficulties that
we face but

also reminded of “a great freedom” that
generations of veterans have preserved
for each of us. The “government” is
so often presented as the “them” that
somehow burdens “us”. We must not
forget that ours is a government of
the people and by the people. The
government is “us” - to the extent
that we corporately exercise the rights
and freedom that those generations
of veterans have served to protect.
Whatever its short comings, ours is a
great nation and we enjoy unparalleled
freedom to pursue commerce, to
practice our faith, to speak and vote
according to our beliefs- without fear.
It has been paid for with the “blank
checks” of millions who have served.
We must not forget. Veterans Day was
so proclaimed in 1954 by Congress.
The day was originally knows as
Armistice Day to celebrate the end of
WWI on November 11, 1918. It was a
day to celebrate the truce or, we may
say, a day to celebrate peace. As we
honor our veterans this year let us
also hope and pray that we may again
celebrate peace and the safety of all
who currently serve.
Thank you to all who have served.
Miles, Lynn and The Board Store Team

P.S. A “thank you” is good. A handshake is good. Hugs are also good.

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