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A ForBath
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Replace any old tub or shower with a tub and surround or a walk-in shower


For decades taking a bath simply meant getting into a bathtub, running
water, washing up and getting out. Or if you are old enough, it might have
involved an old wash tub and a tea kettle to heat the water. Bathing options
have changed over the years. Today “taking a shower” has replaced
“taking a bath” for many. While initially shower hardware was added to the
traditional bathtub, today many showers are built as a walk-in assembly
either with a small curb or totally barrier free.
This article is intended to provide some insight if you are considering
replacing a traditional bathtub with something new. There are several reasons homeowners
consider making a change. Old, ugly, moldy, broken, or simply a desire for something new are
often a consideration. If everyone in the household showers it may make the bathtub setup
annoying and obsolete. For many who are experiencing the impact of getting older or who
have mobility issues, safety is the major concern. Using the old bathtub may be impractical or
even impossible.
A bathtub and surround or a walk-in shower? The traditional bathtub is pretty familiar to
everyone, but changing out an old, scratched, hard-water stained, mildewed tub with a brandnew tub and surround, whether the surround is acrylic, or marble or tile, will make a world of
difference in the appearance and function of your wet space. There are so many tub surround
options so you’ll get exactly the look you want.
When considering a walk-in shower it is very similar to the old tub minus the barrier. A walk-in
shower is easily installed in place of an existing tub. It provides a larger standing area due to
the absence of the tub walls. A shower base with a short curb works well for many families.
For someone with current accessibility issues or just planning for the future, a barrier free
shower is the ultimate answer as it will accommodate any situation including someone in
a wheelchair. Grab bars, seating, and appropriate fixtures will assure the unit will work for
young or old, short or tall. Materials are available to create a shower that fits any size and
any decor. Acrylic packages come in a variety of lovely, easy care, designs and colors and
they are economical and usually installed in about a day. There are also a myriad of options
in solid surface or tile to make your shower uniquely your own. Fixtures are likewise available
in various finishes (chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze etc.) and styles. Most standard
installations today include a personal shower assembly that can be adjusted for height and will
accommodate someone who uses a seat in the shower.
When remodeling a bathroom the goal, first and foremost, should be to accommodate the
needs of the residents. Trying to speculate whether what fits your current needs will be best
for some future owner is (this author’s opinion) inconsequential.
You improve your home to improve YOUR life. That’s the way it should be.

Miles Wilkins

“So glad we chose The Board Store over other possible providers of
bathroom remodels. Nothing fell short. Very satisfied!”
Michael & Linda W. – Winona


“A+. Couldn’t be happier, the renovation helped with the coping of health issues
and was done beautifully. Couldn’t be more satisfied.”
Odell & Carol A. – Onalaska

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