STATE OF WISCONSINVILLAGE OF HOLMENLA CROSSE COUNTYNotice of Public Hearing on a Change of Zoning (Rezoning) Petition NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Holmen Village Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing during their Regular Meeting in the Holmen Village Hall, at 421 S. Main Street, Holmen, WI, 54636, on the 1st day of October, 2019, at 6:30pm, on the proposed Change of Zoning (Rezoning) Petition as follows:Buck 47 Ventures, LLC (owner) is petitioning for a rezone of approximately 20 acres of property immediately North of Old Hwy. 93, on parcels 14-4033-0 and 14-4037-0, from (A) Agricultural District to (R-1) Single Family Residential District and (R-6) Zero Lot Line (Single Family Twindo) Residential District. The Village of Holmen Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use designation for the property supports lower density residential uses; thus the petition is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. All pursuant to applicable Wisconsin Statutes and Holmen Village Ordinances, all interested parties are welcome to attend and may be heard during the public hearing. For more information prior to the public hearing, the petition is on file at the office of the Holmen Village Clerk, La Crosse County, Wisconsin, 421 Main Street, 54636, or you may contact the Village Administrator at 608-526-4336.HOLMEN VILLAGE BOARDBY: Scott Heinig, Village Administrator9/13 9/20 LAC36772 WNAXLP

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