FOUNTAIN CITY — Both Danny Hanson and Danny Richards went into the final turn of the final lap thinking they had a win Friday night.

They ended up with two wrecked cars 40 yards from the finish line and an angry Hanson being restrained by multiple track officials.

Doug Wojcik battled the entire race with Richards and Hanson at Mississippi Thunder Speedway, but he was fortunate enough to be just behind the two when Richards’ 3R street stock slid over from the inside, slammed into Hanson’s No. 5 car and into the concrete barrier.

The wreck caused considerable damage to both vehicles and left officials to determine a winner. They used the finish of the final completed lap, and that left Hanson as the winner.

Wojcik was awarded second place, and Richards was disqualified.

“I guess just two competitive people,” Wojcik said of Richards and Hanson. “They don’t want to give (first place) up.”

After the race both drivers stood by their vehicles and assessed the damage.

“You can’t drive through somebody to win,” Hanson said. “You just can’t do that. He just came right, square off the bottom and ran me right into the frickin’ concrete.

“I don’t know, I thought we put on a pretty darn good show.”

Richards had a different view of how things unfolded.

“I drove in hard and slid up the track, and that’s about it,” Richards said. “I told (Hanson), ‘I drove in from the low side, and all you would’ve had to do is come from the top and drive underneath me.’

“I would’ve done the same if I’d have seen him driving that hard on the bottom.”

Hanson, who nearly collided with Wojcik a week ago, had a hard time calming down, but he did.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be seen racing at MTS again. Hanson was pretty clear when asked about how he’d respond if involved in any future incidents.

“That’s alright,” he said. “I ain’t coming back here anyways.”

There will be time for cooler heads to prevail for three of the top racers in the division because MTS will take next weekend off.

“We get a week off next week, and hopefully things will be ironed out a little bit,” Wojcik said. “Me and Danny Hanson raced really well. Me and Danny Richards … it wasn’t a fun race.

“That takes a lot of fun out of it when you’re fighting somebody, it’s a lot easier to just mind your own business and not worry about somebody else getting ticked at ya.”

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