Tony Sutton: Health care bill enough reason to dump Walz

2009-11-12T00:20:00Z Tony Sutton: Health care bill enough reason to dump WalzBy Tony Sutton / Minnesota GOP chairman Winona Daily News
November 12, 2009 12:20 am  • 

Health care bill enough reason to dump Walz

On Saturday, House Democrats passed H.R. 3962, known as the "Affordable Health Care for America Act."

This is the House's version of the legislation promoted by the Obama administration that will forever change the way health care services are delivered in this country. While proponents try to describe it as pro-competition and pro-free market, every objective analyst acknowledges the legislation will have exactly the opposite effect.

The linchpin provision is the so-called "public option." Through the public option, insurance would be made available through the federal government. Proponents argue that this is not a "takeover" of the healthcare system, that it will not be subsidized by the taxpayer and that it will not lead to a single-payer system, otherwise known as socialized medicine.

Realists know better.

One of two things has to be true. Either the government-provided "insurance" will be less expensive than what is currently available in the marketplace, or it will not expand coverage. Since expanded coverage is the point of health care reform, the government will end up providing health insurance coverage at below market rates, forcing health insurers out of business. Private insurers cannot compete with an entity (the United States government) that can underprice its product and simply recoup the losses by borrowing, taxing or printing money. That is why the idea of government entering into "fair" competition is

silly. Those who voted for

H.R. 3962 know this. Government run health care

is the end game.

The legislation passed

220-215, with 219 Democrats and only one Republican voting "yes." Thirty-nine Democrats voted "no." First District Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn., was among the "yes" voters.

Walz has presented himself as a moderate Democrat in a congressional District that embraces conservative values. He would not have won had he been the Pelosi candidate. Walz sold himself as an independent thinker who would not be influenced by liberal ideology, Democratic Party leadership or "inside the beltway" politics. It seems Walz has abandoned this posture.

The 1st Congressional District is home to the Mayo Clinic. It is unthinkable that Rochester's representative to the U.S. House would cast a vote to move America away from the very system that laid the groundwork for the Mayo system and every other top notch medical facility in the United States, all of which are the envy of the world.

But a bad vote for a government takeover of the health care system was not enough for Walz. The "moderate" Democrat couldn't find it in himself to vote for the Stupak Amendment. The Stupak Amendment, which was ultimately adopted as part of H.R. 3962, prohibits federal funding of abortions. Walz is so out of touch with southern Minnesota that he believes taxpayers should subsidize abortion.

Walz has chosen to align himself with the far left wing of the Democratic Party by backing legislation that is opposed by those who value liberty, fiscal conservatism and the lives of the unborn.

His constituents should remember this in November 2010.

Tony Sutton is chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

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