Every day my wife comes home from work at the Riverfront Building in Winona with a coating of fine dust stuck on our brand new car.

We have to wash it every day now because of this dust - it doesn't just blow off.

This dust is probably from the "frac sand" operations Winona recently allowed.

At first we were just concerned about the car, but the more we learn the more worried we get, about our health, safety and future.

You can breathe the dust into your lungs without knowing it because the harmful particles are invisible.

This is much different than regular sand. It can hurt our drinking water and is linked to deadly lung problems. There's hundreds of trucks that would be hauling this to railroad cars in Winona.

That would tear up our roads, lower our property values, and spew this into our air unless we do something.

Here's our chance to do something. Three mining companies are asking permission to mine this in Winona County, so the county's Planning Commission is having a public hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday and they want to hear from citizens both rural and city.

Attend this hearing to learn more. Ask questions. If you wait it will be too late, they need to hear our concerns. Don't let these companies rush this dangerous stuff into our lives just for profit.

Even if you're not affected now, you will be.

Maybe they should do a one year moratorium so this thing can be studied? Other counties around here have done that. Please attend on Thursday night and learn more for yourself, you'll be glad you did.

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