The woman driving an SUV that crashed into the Mississippi River in January resulting in her death and three male passengers was above the legal limit for intoxication, according to toxicology results.

Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said toxicology results had come in Tuesday morning on Christina “Tina” Lee Hauser, 36, of Winona, the driver of the SUV. The results show she had a blood-alcohol level of 0.16 percent, twice the legal limit when she failed to make the curve on Riverview Drive the morning of Jan. 5 crashed into a barricade and landed in the river.

Believed to have been riding in the car with her were Andrew Kingsbury, 29, of La Crosse, Wis., Matthew Patrick Erickson, 29, of Chatfield, Minn., and Blake Overland, 28, of Stewartville, Minn. Erickson was found seatbelted in the car with Hauser, and Overland was found in the river the next day. It would take nearly two more weeks of searching before rescuers located Kingsbury under 10 feet of water more than 700 feet from the location of the crash.

The four were last seen leaving a Winona bar in the early morning hours of Jan. 5. The three men were childhood friends and had all graduated from Lanesboro High School.