George Borzyskowski; Seeking a bigger role in city

2012-10-28T00:00:00Z 2013-01-31T12:54:24Z George Borzyskowski; Seeking a bigger role in cityBy Mary Juhl Winona Daily News

The name Borzyskowski has long been familiar to Winona voters.

It appeared on the city ballot in the 1960s, when 16-year council member Jerry Borzyskowski first ran, and during his unsuccessful run for mayor in 1983.

The name resurfaced on ballots in 1996 with a different first name: George.

George Borzyskowski, Jerry’s son, ran for the 4th Ward seat but lost to Dave Kouba by one vote after a recount. In 1998, the two ran again and Borzyskowski claimed the seat.

Borzyskowski, now a 14-year council veteran, decided to embark on a new campaign this year —for Winona mayor.

“It’s the same as city council, except on a much, much larger scale,” Borzyskowski said. “I thought walking the 4th Ward was really a big project when I started out; I think we walked the 4th Ward probably in about three days. It’s a lot of doors.”

Borzyskowski has lived in Winona his entire life. He has worked at Peerless Chain as a merchandise handler for 38 years and at Southeast Technical College for 20 years teaching forklift safety courses. He graduated from Cotter High School, attended Winona State University for a year, and has received multiple training certifications from Southeast Tech.

“I know the town,” Borzyskowski said. “I know it from East 25th Street all the way up to Monroe Street. I know you in all the valleys. I know the community inside and out.”

In addition to council, Borzyskowski has been involved in a number of local commissions and organizations, including the Winona Port Authority, the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the Airport Zoning Board, the Aghaming Park Committee, and the Recreational Waterways Commission.

Borzyskowski has invested vacation time, money, and energy into his campaign. He has no official committee, just a group of volunteers that help knock on doors and hand out literature.

On election night, Borzyskowski plans to stay at home with his wife, Carol, and his grandchildren. He said he has no parties planned — and if the results come in too late, he might head to bed and wait until the morning of Nov. 7 to learn the outcome.

“We just listen to the results, accept them, and that’s that,” Borzyskowski said.

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  1. janedoe
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    janedoe - October 28, 2012 6:31 pm
    A vote for George B. is a vote for same old/same old, only now at a lower level. RE: Jeremy. He's a nice boy. His parents are nice people. But what are his qualifications? What is his base of knowledge? What is his life experience, aside from growing up as the son of the mayor of a small city run by a handful of the same people for decades.
  2. Bluemoon13
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    Bluemoon13 - October 28, 2012 10:23 am
    You live in a different Winona than I do. What kind of theft do you mean? Hanky panky? Why on earth would Jeremy go from being a senator to being a small town mayor. To get you really excited I think the game plan is governor. We have had real leadership in the past. You do realize that all decisions are reviewed by the city attorney very carefully before they are made. What is your number one complaint? What happened that personally hurt you?
  3. CatfishCurly
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    CatfishCurly - October 28, 2012 8:10 am
    I worked with George at Peerless, years ago.....I was a Pickle Room guy in the late 90's and would say that he was a respectable guy, just like Mayor Miller is a decent guy. Everyone in positions of power, by human nature, will try to do, for those in his inner circle. Be it family or friends. What difference does it make?this has been going on since the beginning of our existence. I would say give him a shot, a fresh (forklift operator) perspective might be what is needed vs. what is in place now?
  4. tomjasz
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    tomjasz - October 28, 2012 7:44 am
    Nice, hide behind a nom de plume. Then you can write anything.

    BTW, Material handler, driving a fork lift, qualifies George as mayor?
  5. bushwackers
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    bushwackers - October 28, 2012 7:24 am
    if you beleive a crime was commited you have a duty to report it to the police BCA or the FBI so what it comes down to is PUT UP OR SHUT UP or better yet you run for office yourself maybe you can do a better job. you attack these people and how they make a living in there private lives at least they are working. you come off as a typical democrat looking down your nose at the rest of us as you are so much better and know what is best for the rest of us. and for the record its not your ISLAND CITY YOU DID NOT BUILD IT. if you dont like them dont vote for them thats whats its all about. ps about a month ago you commented on the lumber co from mississippi and called them greedy republicans for shuting down public accsess to there private land here in minnesota over taxs with the state turns out the owner is a democrat and is the former democratic sec of state for mississippi also get over it scott walker won LOL LOL now let me go wash my hands to get your scum off me.
  6. myislandcity
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    myislandcity - October 28, 2012 5:10 am
    This city can not afford to have George as mayor.

    His history of cronyism and what basically amounts to theft from the good people of Winona can not be rewarded.

    We do not need more of the same leadership that we've basically had for 40 years. Slaggie, Miller...and now daddy's little boy is Senator. Good Lord, why? Do we really want George warming the seat for Jeremy? Because that's the game plan...

    It's time for a real mayor, not some halfwit crook from a junk yard, not some undereducated chain linker who happens to know the right people, not more of the same!

    We need real leadership to face the literally hundreds of issues and problems we have as a city. Not more of the same.

    We need someone who will review the Miller years in close coordination with the Attorney General, and the BCA. Who knows how much hanky-panky actually went on...still is...

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