On-duty officers drag race cruisers: Lack of formal discipline against deputy creates rift with Houston County Board

2012-09-15T00:00:00Z On-duty officers drag race cruisers: Lack of formal discipline against deputy creates rift with Houston County BoardBy Tesla Rodriquez tesla.rodriquez@winonadailynews.com Winona Daily News

On the warm night of July 12, two squad cars driven by on-duty officers roared down the Caledonia municipal airport runway.

A Houston County sheriff’s deputy was behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger. A city of Caledonia officer drove a Crown Victoria.

The officers weren’t chasing a suspect.

They were chasing each other.

Apparently the drag race was inspired by the purchase of a new cruiser in Caledonia, according to Houston County Chief Deputy Scott Yeiter.

Once superiors learned about it, the Caledonia officer was suspended for a month.

The Houston County deputy, however, was not formally disciplined, a decision that has created friction between the sheriff’s department and the Houston County Board.

The incident became public this week at a county board meeting, where former commissioner Kevin Kelleher brought it up and asked commissioners to address what he alleged in an interview as a “culture of, quite frankly, bad behavior” within the sheriff’s department.

In an interview, Yeiter defended the way the department handled the incident and described it as “an employee coaching session.”

He said the deputy’s decision to drag-race a county squad car while on duty “wasn’t egregious enough to have a disciplinary letter placed in his file.”

Yeiter declined to name the deputy, as did Houston County Sheriff Doug Ely. Ely declined to comment when asked to explain why the deputy wasn’t formally disciplined.

Caledonia Police Chief Kurt Zehnder also declined to comment on the incident and declined to release the name of the Caledonia officer involved.

The Houston County Board has asked Ely to attend the next meeting to brief commissioners on the incident and address Kelleher’s comments.

“The issue is a little bigger than what the sheriff and chief deputy are making it,” Commissioner Jack Miller said.

Miller said commissioners are frustrated because they were aware of the incident previous to the meeting — but not because they heard about it from the department.

“I certainly would have liked the full story from the sheriff instead of having citizens tell me,” Miller said.

Ely said in an email to the commissioners that he won’t attend the next meeting.

“The DVD issue and the driving complaint are done and over with,” he wrote in the email, obtained by the Daily News. “Any more discussion about these items on their part will be considered harassment.”

The DVD issue Ely was referring to was a 2009 incident where county employees were accused of using county equipment to illegally copy DVDs and sell them. Two county officials — none in the sheriff’s department — were formally reprimanded. The sheriff’s department did not investigate the issue or request an independent investigation, a decision Kelleher continues to criticize the department for.

“We have law enforcement that just does not want to be accountable,” Kelleher said. “That is not giving people confidence in the county that they have a law enforcement agency that is not only enforcing the law but obeying it.”

“Houston County law enforcement is the butt of a lot of jokes right now,” Kelleher added.

If Ely doesn’t come to the next board meeting, Miller said, the board will have to discuss its next move.

“(Ely) doesn’t necessarily answer to the board, but we are the budgeting board, and I believe our jurisdiction does cover employees in his office,” Miller said.

It’s unknown who won the race, or what speeds the two officers reached. Ely said he didn’t know, and Yeiter declined comment.

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  1. KK want to be
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    KK want to be - September 17, 2012 1:55 pm
    Wow, tough meeting when people who are loud, uniformed and don't like to her the facts. It is difficult to deal with these types of individuals at a meeting. Mr. Miller should take a class or learn on to control these indviduals.

    Kevin was on the County board and said we nded an expensive new courthouse. He got his way and then after it was 90% complete, he didn’t want them to open it up.

    Kevin thought he uncovered the DVD investigation that was held 3 years ago. The Sheriff’s office already handled it but Kevin insisted so Winona County had to investigate this case. This cost the County probably around $5,000-$10,000. The FBI and Winona County investigation felt there wasn’t enough to prosecute.

    Mr. K brought to the State of MN allegations that the Houston School Board was accounting for items incorrectly, even though they have an outside auditing company, audit their books every year. The state of MN came in and audited the books, again and found that the items without receipts were small in nature and weren’t out of line for our school district. This cost the school board around $5,000-$8,000.

  2. LOL
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    LOL - September 15, 2012 5:50 pm
    who won?
  3. Common Sense
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    Common Sense - September 15, 2012 2:48 pm
    It seems that there are Sheriff's deputies that are out of control and it is apparent that they can do no wrong and that "protection" is the key here. What is boils down to, is not one in that office is held accountable for their actions and if there is an issue, nothing is done, untill it becomes public and then it is too late. I think the Sheriff needs to take control of that office and deal with issues when they arrise rather than letting them sit, untill "the cat is out of the bag". This is the pattern and has been the rule, rather than the exception in the Office of the Houston County Sheriff, when an elected Sheriff is in office. It is always the other officer that gets the blame and takes the brunt of it, not the deputy. Why, we don't know, but it seems to be one thing after another here, and although is makes the Sheriff's Office look real bad, it gives a nice shinner to the whole law enforcement community as well.
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