The only plant food left on store shelves in Winona is actually meant for plants.

And any bath salts for sale are best fit for the tub.

Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said the last Winona retailer selling the legal psychoactive chemicals has taken them off the shelves.

Brand said that he and investigator Josh Morken recently went to Downtown Book and Video, the last Winona retailer where plant food and bath salts were openly available over the counter, “to ask if they would take it off the market,” Brand said.

A state law championed by Sen. Jeremy Miller, R-Winona, and signed by the governor last month will classify the active ingredients in plant food and bath salts as controlled substances, effective July 1.

But for local law enforcement, a month is too long to wait.

“I wanted to see if we could do something before the first of July,” Brand said. “People are getting messed up.”

Brand said he was told the Winona store had 153 packets in stock, representing an investment of about $7,000. He said the store was initially reluctant to take it off the shelf. That was where the matter stood until Wednesday.

That morning, Brand said he and Winona Police Chief Paul Bostrack met with Peter Andrews, representing Downtown Book & Video. After reading an account of a Winona man hallucinating on plant food and allegedly firing a rifle at imaginary thieves earlier this week, Andrews said the store would no longer sell the chemicals.

“He told us, ‘It will be out of Winona,’” Brand said.

Calls to Andrews for comment Thursday were not returned.

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