ST. CHARLES, Minn. — When Cornelia Kryzer stocks up on food for the week, she doesn’t go small.

In order to keep the coolers full, the co-manager of the 4-H food stand at the Winona County Fair orders more than 400 pounds of beef, 200 pounds of french fries and 150 pounds of cheese curds — along with 20 pails of ice cream, 80 bottles of ketchup and thousands of bottles of soda.

“I do a lot of shopping,” Kryzer said. “I get everything ordered before the fair starts.”

The food stand is one of two big fundraisers 4-H puts on each year, said 4-H coordinator Carolyn Dingfelder, and the proceeds from running the stand during the fair cover half of 4-H’s programming costs. Along with the livestock and other fair exhibits, Dingfelder said, the food stand is the “grand finale” of 4-H members’ year.

The fair officially opened Wednesday afternoon, and working the food stand were members from the Little Valley Victors 4-H club. While the adults did much of the heavy lifting, chopping and cooking, club members Matthew Jones, 13, and Abbey Jones, 15, ran the front of the house, taking orders. It was the Jones’ first year in 4-H, and so far they were enjoying their first shift at the food stand.

It was the second year working the food stand for 11-year-old Anna Theel who spent her shift putting customers’ orders together.

“I think it’s fun,” Theel said. “I get people’s pop and bars and things like that.”

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